Het Actiefonds:

Lombokstraat 40
1094 AL Amsterdam
The Netherlands


+31 (0)20 6279661

NL 46 TRIO 0338622039

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The people behind Het Actiefonds

Het Actiefonds is a foundation with four paid employees and around 50 volunteers. Together we work on a more just and sustainable world.

General information


The board of Het Actiefonds is unpaid. As a remote board they determine the budget and annual planning. The staff is responsible for the daily management.


Het Actiefonds has a small paid team, with currently four parttime staff members, that functions non-hierarchical and self-managing.

The employees of Het Actiefonds do not receive any bonuses or a thirteenth month. There is also no extensive package of secondary employment conditions. The employees have a reasonable pension scheme and receive a commuting allowance.

Regional specialists

Het Actiefonds has around 50 volunteers who are specialized in a region and/or topic. Together they decide which grant proposals receive financial support. The knowledge, enthusiasm and network of the volunteers are invaluable for Het Actiefonds.


Institutional fundraising: diana@hetactiefonds.nl
Private fundraising: beau@hetactiefonds.nl
Finance and office management: sanne@hetactiefonds.nl