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The housing movement continues!


Woonverzet in The Hague


After het Woonprotest and de Woonopstand, it is time for the third national housing demonstration, het Woonverzet, in The Hague!

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After het Woonprotest in Amsterdam and de Woonopstand in Rotterdam it is time for Woonverzet in The Hague this weekend! The third large, national demonstration against the failing housing policy of the Dutch government. Still very much needed, because until now, there still hasn’t been any movement in the right direction to execute any of the demands of the movement. Instead, the demonstrations have received a disproportional amount of state repression, but the fight continues!


The demands of het Woonverzet in The Hague are the same as the earlier compiled Housing manifest. A shared manifest, created by the organizations of het Woonprotest, de Woonopstand, and several action groups, to demand a radically different housing policy.

  1. Make cobatting (imminent) homelessness a top priority
  2. Provide widely accessible public housing
  3. Guarantee affordability
  4. Guarantee housing security
  5. Diminish housing inequality between tenants and home owners
  6. Assure equal access to housing
  7. Grant residents an equal say over their environment
  8. End housing speculation
  9. Don’t give slumlords and rogue brokers a chance
  10. Put vacant properties to good use and decriminalize squatting

Het Actiefonds supported het Woonprotest and de Woonopstand and is happy to contribute again to the Dutch housing movement by supporting Woonverzet. We support the demands and call on everyone to come to The Hague and join the march on the 14th of November!

14/11, 14:00, Woonverzet, Koekamp Den Haag

Facebook event for more info