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Demonstration against malpractices in transgender healthcare


ACTION • Trans Zorg Nu! Eindhoven


Trans Zorg Nu! goes to Eindhoven with a demonstration against malpractices in transgender healthcare on the 29th of August.

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LGBTQIA+ - transgender health care - transgenders

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After the successful protest march organized by Trans Zorg Nu! on Saturday the 26th of June in Amsterdam, a local collective will organize a demonstration in Eindhoven. Even in 2021, transgender health care is subpar in the Netherlands, and patients who want to go in transition face all sorts of discriminating and excluding mechanisms. Time for a change!


Endless waiting lists, old-fashioned and degenerating diagnosing procedures, inability, misuse of power, and lack of participation. The problems within transgender healthcare are big. While patients with a problem in the regular healthcare system will get an explanation of the pros, cons, and side effects of a certain medical procedure, patients in transgender healthcare face all kinds of selection procedures and psychological assessments before they are able to get the help to need or want. This limits patients to speak freely about their situation or they might not get the necessary help, recourses, or diagnosis they need for their transition process. There is a lack of participation in their own transition or the policy that is formed around the healthcare they need.

This is why Trans Zorg Nu! organizes a demonstration in Eindhoven on the 29th of August and communicates the following demands:

1. Trans healthcare now; away with the waiting lists!
2. Self-determination; no diagnosis, no gatekeeping!
3. Despecialize, decentralize; break the monopoly!
4. Trans care in trans hands; no decisions about us without us!
5. Assurance of insurance; stop playing with our lives!

Het Actiefonds supported and wrote the following article about the demonstration in Amsterdam on the 26th of June. The demonstration in Eindhoven on the 29th of August can also count on our support. Show your support and share the Facebook event.