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ACTION • Commemorate the victims of the European policy


On June 20 – World Refugee Day – the organisation MiGreat organized a very impressive commemorative action on the beach of Scheveningen.

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The commemoration was a follow-up to the ‘20,000 names’, also supported by Het Actiefonds. Throughout the entire month of June, people in more than 40 Dutch villages and towns organized actions: memorials and monuments were made and names read out of people who did not survive their journey to Europe.


On June 20, there were about 7,000 wooden memorials on the beach of Scheveningen, as a pop-up monument to all the deceased. Commemoration events were also held in Greece (Lesbos and Ioannina), Romania (Timisoara), Poland (Katowice), Germany (Berlin), Portugal (Lisbon and Porto), England (London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cambridge, Newcastle) and Ireland (Dublin).

This campaign, supported by Het Actiefonds, was a huge success: at least ten thousand people came into contact with the campaign somewhere in the Netherlands. A very difficult and heavy subject, but at the same time a perfect momentum to inform people about the terrible European border policy. MiGreat received a lot of media attention and will continue their actions against violent pushbacks and other human rights violations of refugees and migrants.

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