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Het Actiefonds is Looking for Allies

Het Actiefonds needs at least 500 new donors to meet the growing demand.

General information

Reasons to resist

2024 is a record year. From record temperatures to an unprecedented number of requests at Het Actiefonds. On one hand, this is bad news: there are a lot of reasons to get into action. We see a global expansion of far-right governments, from Argentina to Slovakia.

We are being pitted against each other. Racist ideologies are given free rein. Additionally, we are witnessing the resurgence of military aggression for profit. People are still being killed because they live in countries where oil, gas, or gold is found in the ground. This comes along with the escalation of the climate catastrophe, with increasingly extreme weather worldwide. Records are being broken one after the other, and the warnings from scientists are gradually becoming reality. These are all significant threats that are leading us toward global destruction.

Portugese activisten protesteren tegen de fossiele industrie en voor groene energie

Brave People

Disrupting the destructive systems that create these threats is essential for our collective survival. This brings us to the good news: all over the world, brave people are rising up to resist. Despite everything, people are committing themselves to a livable world for everyone. Social movements are not giving up and are holding on to each other. This combined strength is the only thing that can stop the destructive systems.

De campagne Wij Weigeren de Huurverhoging van Bond Precaire Woonvormen

Helping Out

As a result, Het Actiefonds is seeing a growing number of requests for assistance. These come from activists who are themselves in difficult financial situations and yet make time to work for their community and against the systems that are destroying our planet.

For over 55 years we have stood against apartheid, for justice, and for solidarity. Because the freedom of one person is connected to the freedom of another. It is solely thanks to donors that we can contribute to global change.

Together with you, we stand with the people at blockades. For those who chain themselves to trees out of radical love for life. For the participants in mass demonstrations who raise a collective fist against structural violence. That’s why we are now looking for at least 500 allies to join Het Actiefonds. Most of our allies donate between 5 and 15 euros per month.

Rise up! Join Het Actiefonds!

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