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XminY continues as Het Actiefonds

Published on 30 March 2018

Today we celebrate our 50th anniversary! We continue on our independent, just and revolutionary course of action, as steadfast and committed as ever.


But with a new appearance! Today we’re proud to launch our new website and new visual identity. With the help of design agency Cometa we went looking for a visual language that shows what we do: support activists in realising radical societal change.

Our name will also make clear what we do. From now on we will continue under the name Het Actiefonds. Because that’s what we stand for: action for change!

We’re gonna use this space even more to keep you informed of the actions we support, and will be posting updates regularly. And from now on it’s also even easier to support action groups with a one-time donation, through iDeal or an automatic monthly transfer. So put hetactiefonds.nl in your bookmarks!

We’re really happy and proud. What do you guys think?