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International camp provides training in organising inclusive, multilinguistic actions for transnational activism


ACTION • Transnational Interpreting Camp 2021


[bla] en InterpRISE provide workshops in multilingualism and transnational activism during the Transnational Interpreting Camp 2021, for more inclusivity, accessibility, and solidarity within international activism.

€ 1500

inclusivity - international activism - multilingualism

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Het Actiefonds supports [bla] and InterpRISE with the organization of the Transnational Interpreting Camp in 2021. These organizations from France and Germany make activism more accessible and inclusive by providing language interpreters, knowledge, and technical solutions for organizing multilinguistic, transnational actions. By doing this, they make it possible for everybody to join these actions and speak up about injustice in their own language.


Languages are part of international power structures and because of that, can lead to oppression and privilege based on class, race, age, or culture. Also activist movements, organizations, and actions are heavily dependent on language and usually make use of the primary language used in the country or part of the world where they are active. This means that people who don’t speak the primary language or are part of a different linguistic community are less able to join actions or speak up against injustice. Especially within multilingual, marginalized communities that have to deal with racism, sexism, exclusion, or oppression, it is of great importance that actions can be interpreted or multilingual.

[bla] and InterpRISE fight for multilingualism within activism and are organizing the Transnational Interpreting Camp. During this multiday camp, different international groups, activists, and interpreters come together to take part in workshops about organizing transnational actions. Participants are made aware of the political effect of language barriers, practical knowledge about interpreting and translation, and technical knowledge about making and using interpreting equipment is shared.

As an international organization, Het Actiefonds finds great importance within transnational solidarity and inclusivity within grassroots activism and because of that fully supports the mission of these organizations and the Transnational Interpreting Camp.

Illustration by Freaky Panda