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Supported housing actions in 2022


ACTIONS • The housing uprising continues!


The housing crisis hits everyone but the uprising against it is growing. Also in 2022 Het Actiefonds will support several housing actions throughout the country. An overview:

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After years of silent suffering and discontent, the mass-uprising against the power of landlords and the political policy that feeds the housing crisis has started during the previous year. But also in the new year, there are plenty of reasons to keep protesting, the financialization and precarization of the housing market will continue if it’s up to the new Rutte IV cabinet.


In 2021 mass protests against the housing crisis finally happened in Dutch cities all over the country. With the support of Het Actiefonds, there were large demonstrations organized in Amsterdam, Rotterdam & Den Haag, all with a big turnup, fighting spirit, and message of solidarity. But also in the new year, there are plenty of possibilities and reasons to keep protesting. In the plans of the new cabinet, there is no apparent radical change of policy that will solve the underlying problem, the financialization of the housing market. The slogan, ‘Housing for people, not profit’ hasn’t fully broken through in The Hague, since they keep pressing that the measures they want to imply cannot have too much of a negative effect on the profit margins of investors. Plenty of reasons to keep fighting for your right to proper housing and shake up local politicians before the coming municipal elections. An overview:

30/01/2022 Woonrevolte Amersfoort

Woonrevolte Amersfoort got the ball rolling in the new year and organized the first housing protest, which we already have behind us. Hundreds of people showed up on the Eemplein in Amersfoort to demand a radically different housing policy. The demonstration asked attention to the nationwide problems but also showed solidarity with the local neighborhood of Jericho, which is marked for demolition and will be replaced with more expensive housing.

06/02/2022 Woonactie Delft

The next upcoming housing action is planned in student city Delft. Next to the fact that student housing has become increasingly expensive and scarce, the organization is focusing on the nationwide problems by copying the demands from the earlier published and broadly supported housing manifest. They are still looking for volunteers and donations, so are you available on the 6th of February, sign up!

13/02/2022 Woonrevolutie Leiden

Another student city, Leiden, is organizing its own radical housing demonstration and can count on the support of Het Actiefonds. The organization also signed the housing manifest but came up with 13 of their own additional demands that demand a radically just and equal housing policy in their city.

Het Actiefonds will keep supporting the housing movement in 2022 and calls out everyone to keep protesting and demanding a radically different housing policy! We’ll see you at the upcoming actions!