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ACTION • Spreading the ‘Running Fire’ to Amsterdam


From 1 to 17 March, in the run-up to the national elections, a ‘running’ fire will spread through the Netherlands. From Dokkum to The Hague and from Nuenen to Groningen: vigils, walks and campaigns for humane asylum and migration policy are taking place all over the country.

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The groups No More Morias, Amsterdam City Rights and SOS Moria have joined forces to organize ‘Lopend Vuur Amsterdam’ (Running Fire Amsterdam): a creative direct action against the inhumane migration policy in the Netherlands and Europe.

The aim of the project is to encourage people to bear this issue in mind in the coming elections. The action groups call for a conscious vote for a party that is committed to and fighting for a humane asylum and migration policy.
With a life-size ballot box – which will be placed in the little music dome in the Oosterpark – the attention of park visitors is drawn and they are handed flyers and ‘ballot papers’ with information about the group and their political goal. They also make paths of shoes from different directions (some of which really come from refugees from Calais) towards the polls. Lastly there will be four speakers talking about migration policy and there will be a commemoration with candles.