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Festival Resistencia mobilizes the youth in the fight against the state


ACTION • Sociocultural mobilization network for the protest movement in Colombia


Festival Resistencia mobilizes the youth for the protest movement of Colombia, with social and cultural activities and meetings on a local level.

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Colombia - mobilization - protest movement

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In April, large protests broke out against tax reforms in Colombia, and have continued until today. The protests are an outlet for the anger a lot of Colombians feel because of structural problems around inequality, poverty, healthcare, education, and lack of opportunities within the country. The police and the state responded to the protests with a lot of violence, claiming 58 deaths until today.


Festival Resistencia in Tunja, Colombia, mobilizes the youth in the fight against these structural, social issues that Colombia is facing. They do this by organizing cultural and social activities, like concerts, workshops, and sports, after which they can join the protests by throwing up blockades and organizing protest rallies. Festival Resistencia is ultimately a solidarity network around all sorts of local, cultural initiatives, that together create a network of mobilization for the youth, to join the protest movement.

Het Actiefonds supports Festival Resistencia and the protestmovement in Colombia.