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In Pugu,Tanzania citizens demand the local government to take Covid-19 seriously


Protests in Tanzania for improving measures against Covid-19


In Pugu, Tanzania citizens and activists demonstrated against the failing governmental policies under the threat of Covid-19, which will impact vulnerable and marginalised groups the most.

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In Tanzania activists fight against the systematic oppression of human lives. Specifically focused on health and environmental problems, an organisation* aims at bringing about transformative change for a sustainable and just society where the abuse of power and exploitation do not longer exist. By forming coalitions with community leaders, citizens and human rights activists they campaign for equity and equality. Under the increased threat of Covid-19, actions have taken place to take seriously the international safety standards promoted by the WHO—The Tanzanian government has refused that so far, which brings to light how marginalised groups are threatened by Covid-19 the most. 


The Tanzanian government has undertaken little action to curb the spread of Covid-19. At the regular livestock auctions in the town of Pugu disinfection measures are scarcely implemented, while the country’s president called for the continued attendance of places of worship. The lack of instructions and measurements will impact vulnerable and marginalised groups the most. People with a low income, living in informal neighbourhoods, have little to no access to medical care and testing kits, as of which the virus will be able to spread fast in places where social distancing is difficult.

The organisation called for action together with citizens and activist by demonstrating in Pugu. The local government was asked to take seriously the international standards for safety measures to tackle the spread of Covid-19, especially in places where social distancing is difficult. Het Actiefonds supported the organisation further with flyers and other materials for campaigning and starting a petition.

The action has been successful. The livestock auctions in Pugu were temporarily closed to take disinfection measurements. Moreover, the national government started to do more to tackle the spread of the virus, among other things through the regular availability of information to take preventive measures.

*For safety reasons the organisation remains anonymous.