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No tiles, but hedgehogs!


ACTION • Lutkemeerpolder: you don’t wanna build here, do you?


Not tiles, but hedgehogs: under this title Platform Behoud Lutkemeer continues to fight for a unique piece of fertile land on the outskirts of Amsterdam. A wide view, fertile clay soil and a beautiful green area with historical value.

climate activism - klimaatactivisme - lutkemeer

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The Municipality of Amsterdam wants to build a business park in cooperation with airport Schiphol, on the last piece of fertile land in the city; purely for speculation and investors. For years already, Platform Behoud Lutkemeer has been fighting for the preservation of this unique piece of land, together with the neighborhood and various other organizations. Because greenery and food production are indispensable for the city. Business parks? We already have plenty!


Het Actiefonds has supported Platform Lutkemeer from the start. Among other things, the activists want to set up a local food shed, where organic and responsible food is grown for local sales. Cooperative, in collaboration with and for the neighborhood. With their earlier action campaigns (“Camping in the Lutkemeer”, “Sowing for the future”) they’ve put the preservation and protection of the biopolder on the political agenda.

In 2021, Platform Behoud Lutkemeer wants to focus on informing local residents about the corruption and the disastrous actions of the municipality. Next to that, the group starts a claim procedure against project developer SADC and they actively block construction preparations on the site.