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Action for socio-economic independence of poverty-stricken groups in Silly, Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Equal land rights for women in Burkina Faso


August 2020 || Women’s activist movement advocates the right to land ownership for women in Burkina Faso

feminism - human rights - land rights

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The Africa Volunteer Network has teamed up with the Liayouan Women’s Rights Group to empower the socio-economic position of women in the Silly Municipality, Burkina Faso. They want to do so by making land ownership accessible, in particular for girls and women from the rural town of Silly.


Women in Silly do not have the same access as men to the ownership of land rights. The action group calls for the implementation of a number of measures, the most important of which is to grant women the same right of access to land so that they can benefit from the reputable land titles for their housing and production of their agricultural land. In Africa in general and Burkina Faso in particular, owning one’s own parcel of land is one of the scarce means of production accessible to the inhabitants of rural areas. Ownership of property deeds will promote the socio-economic independence of poor social strata, to which women unfortunately often belong.


The activists start a campaign to reach the tens of thousands of women in the area. As a first step, advocacy sessions will take place in the 31 villages of the municipality of Silly with the aim of increasing the knowledge of women and girls about their human rights in order to better defend them in the future. In addition, these sessions serve to put pressure on local administrators to change their political choices to promote the equal rights of women.


Second, the consortium will continue to create activist women’s movements. These movements will be established in all 31 villages of the Silly Municipality and will be led only by women leaders. All action groups together develop a large-scale, common platform of demands that advocate for equal rights for women. They will voice their activism through marches, workshops and exerting political pressure.