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Yukasa Feminista stands up for women rights


ACTION • Colombia: information campaign on abortion rights


In Colombia, access to sexual and reproductive health care has been further hampered by the lockdown. Yukasa Feminista takes action and starts the dialogue about abortion rights.

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Worldwide the pandemic is putting women’s rights under pressure. Even more so in Colombia: where there has always been systematic and severe violence against women. Yukasa Feminista is a feminist group that fights for the eradication of violence against women. With this project, the group focuses on abortion rights in Colombia.


The country’s ongoing lockdown hinders access to sexual and reproductive health care, which is essential for Colombian girls and women. Only in 2006 did the absolute abortion ban in Colombia come to an end. However, an abortion may only be performed in case of rape, incest or when the life of the mother or fetus is in danger. In addition, there is very poor access to information. Societal, social and economic barriers make it impossible for many women and girls to safely terminate their pregnancies – especially in poorer and remote areas.

Yukasa Feminista collects testimonials and stories about abortion, thus broadening the debate on the importance of decriminalizing abortion. By entering into the conversation they want to break the silence around the subject and inform women. The collection of stories of women from different regions in Quindío is brought out through various radio broadcasts and via social media. In this way, they effectively disseminate information about abortion rights and make the subject accessible.

We will continue to follow and support them in their fight for women’s rights: a fight that is now harder and more important than ever.