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The Awakening fights against violence against women during the pandemic


ACTION • Campaign against rise in domestic violence in Pakistan during the pandemic


Because of the pandemic, social group The Awakening is witnessing a rise in domestic violence and violence against women.

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coronacrisis - sexual exploitation - sexual violence - women rights

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The Awakening is fighting against violence against women in Pakistan since 2013. Because of the pandemic, there has been a rise in domestic violence against women and at the same time a reduction of social or judicial help for the victims of these crimes.


Because of this, sexual intimidation, human trafficking, forced marriages, and other forms of sexual exploitation and violence roam freely during this pandemic, which puts women and children in the domestic environment in danger. This happens in a country where violence against women is a nationwide, cultural issue. Many cases of domestic violence and murder are never prosecuted or even reported.

The Awakening is launching a special campaign aimed at domestic violence during the pandemic. Het Actiefonds supports The Awakening with the launch of this campaign. Through flyers, radio commercials, podcasts, and social media they want to inform and raise awareness within local communities by communicating true stories and scientific information.

Photo by AFP