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Local activists have blocked the roads for an international mining company


Blockade of roads to Amulsar goldmine


Residents of two Armenian villages, Jermuk and Gndevaz, are preventing mining company from exploiting goldmine by blocking access roads.

Armenia - goldmine - road blocks

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Since the summer of 2018 locals of two small villages Jermuk and Gndevaz in Armenia have blocked all the access roads to the Amulsar goldmine, preventing the owners of the mine, Lydian International, from exploiting it. Het Actiefonds supports the activists in their effort to prevent Lydian International from exploitation of the Amulsar goldmine.


Nearby the village Jermuk, gold was discovered 12 years ago. The plans of Lydian International to start exploiting the Amulsar goldmine have led to much protest of local communities. Locals fear that the exploitation of the goldmine will have negative consequences for their food and water supply, the wildlife of this region and tourism. These concerns are justified. Armenia has a long history of controversial incidents in the mining industry. The mining industry is one of the most corrupt sectors of Armenia and in the past, many projects of mining companies have heavily damaged the environment.

Demonstratie tegen exploitatie Amulsar goudmijn.

The inhabitants of Jermuk and Gndevaz demand from the Armenian government to reconsider the permission granted by the previous administration to the mining company.