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Actions of civil disobedience by Climaximo against the growth of the aviation industry


ACTION • Blockade against growth of the aviation industry in Lisbon


During May, Climaximo organized actions of civil disobedience in Lisbon against the growing aviation industry and for climate justice.

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The deadline before we can still do something about the almost irreversible effects of climate change is closing in on us. Where our leaders have shown more words than actions during the past decades, more and more activist groups are demanding decisiveness by organizing actions of civil disobedience. Climaximo is one of those groups and fights for climate justice in Portugal since 2015.


The worldwide aviation industry plays a significant role in the climate crisis we’re in. While the sector almost came to a standstill during COVID-19, the next few months, where tourism will most likely get started again, will be crucial. Are we going back the ‘the old normal’, with thousands of flights every day and an infinitely growing aviation industry, or are we gradually reducing this polluting industry, and do we invest in more sustainable alternatives?

Climaximo takes matters into their own hands and organized a protest march and two major blockades on important access roads to the airport of Lisbon. They demand degrowth of the aviation industry and a quick transition to more sustainable ways of travel, like the train. Het Actiefonds supported Climaximo with the organization of their blockades.

Watch the video report of the action on the 22nd of May below.