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On the hunt for badger hunters

United Kingdom

ACTION • Avon against the badger cull in the UK


‘Avon Against the Badger Cull’ (AABC) fights against badger culling by blocking hunters during culling season. Het Actiefonds supports the group with the purchase of a new thermal imaging camera.

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Since 2013 it has been possible to hunt wild badgers in the UK during the months of September and October with a special license. In 2020, hunters killed the highest number of badgers since the start of the measure and killed in 8 weeks’ time a total of 38.642 badgers! That brings the total amount of killed badgers during the badger cull in seven years’ time to 140.991! And that’s a lot, especially for an animal that is protected under the ‘Protection of Badgers Act 1992’.


Action group ‘Avon Against the Badger Cull’ (AABC)‘ fights against the annual badger cull by blocking the hunters during their hunt through legal action. They do this by actively searching for badgers and badger hunters on public property at night. By staying close to wild badgers, their setts, and the hunters that hunt them, they are legally blocking the shooting of the animals by causing a possible safety issue. The volunteers of AABC monitor the badger population, map their setts, document any illicit activities such as tampering or destroying setts, and bring awareness to local farmers, landowners, and the government about the resistance against badger culling and their animal-friendly alternatives.

Het Actiefonds supports the AABC with the purchase of a new thermal imaging camera. With this camera, it becomes easier for them to search for badgers and the hunters that hunt them. The hunters themselves also have thermal imaging cameras, so it is of great importance for the group to have similar equipment in order to have a fair fight.