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Activists are going to launch a campaign against the car industry

United Kingdom

Subvertising against the car industry


Artists of the Brandalism collective are launching a subvertising campaign against the car industry.

car industry - Subvertising - United Kingdom

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Brandalism is a collective of artists that fights against the dominance of commercial propaganda in public spaces. Smart advertising campaigns of corporations are seducing consumers to consume more and more. This while over-consumption, especially in the west, is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and the destruction of our planet. The Brandalism group takes creative action against the advertising campaigns of big corporations.


With the financial support of Het Actiefonds, Brandalism is launching a new creative campaign in September. The car industry is one of the biggest advertisers and it is also one of the biggest polluters. Despite the enormous CO2 emissions of car manufacturers, carmakers still have access to all public spaces to advertise their products. Due to the smart advertising campaigns of the automotive industry, their products are still seen as a status symbol. The creative subvertising campaign of Brandalism must change that.

Campaign of Brandalism against Shell 2018.

In five different cities in the United Kingdom, the artists of Brandalism are going to tell the true story of the car industry, the story the car industry is conveniently trying to conceal for its consumers: namely that the products they produce are extremely harmful to humans, animals, and the environment. Starting in September the work of Brandalism will be displayed in public spaces in Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, London, and Sheffield.