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niet normaal* brings back the radical political identity to the pride movement


ACTION • Activist pride demo in Utrecht


niet normaal* organiseert een pride demonstratie in het Utrechtse Moreelsepark om te laten zien dat pride nog steeds een radicale, politieke beweging kan, en moet zijn.

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The fact that the first pride manifestation was led by transgender women of color, is hard to notice during the commercialized pride parades of today. Pride became fashion, and commercial companies aren’t scared of using the identity of pride for their marketing goals, without really contributing to the emancipation of the movement. The pride movement has been depoliticized in recent years and mostly became a celebration of those who are already liberated.


Niet normaal* is a queer collective from Utrecht that works towards politizing the queer movement again and keep it away from commercial interests. Pride has to become a celebration again for those who are still repressed and can’t move freely through society, instead of a celebration for gay, white, and male Dutch. They want to specifically represent the group of queer migrants, who are in limbo with the Dutch immigration services and have to suffer an increase of violence and intimidation because of the rise of the extreme-right in the Netherlands.

To show that queer can still be a radical, political movement, niet normaal* organizes a protest on the 25th of June in the Moreelsepark in Utrecht. During the protest, they would like to show solidarity with queer refugees and migrants and show the city of Utrecht that a more activist identity of canal pride is not only possible but also necessary. During the protest, there will be multiple speakers and a protest march towards the center.

Come to the protest on 25/06, from 6.30 PM in the Moreelsepark in Utrecht. More info through the Facebook event!