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Vanuatu: Climate Justice Now


ACTION • Climate action in the Pacific Ocean


In Vanuatu, Pacific Islands Climate Action Network expects to organize one of the largest days of action in the country ever.

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In Vanuatu – an independent archipelago in the Pacific Ocean – the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network (PICAN) is campaigning for climate justice.


This important climate campaign incorporates intersectionality and inclusivity; PICAN actively involves marginalized groups, including indigenous communities, LGBTQIA+ communities and people with disabilities.

Pacific Islands Climate Action Network is an umbrella body of more than 130 organizations fighting for climate justice across the region. PICAN aims to build bridges between different vulnerable groups and actively involves them in the climate fight. Vanuatu is a vulnerable archipelago and highly susceptible to the effects of climate change. Serious damage and loss is being suffered at all levels and marginalized community members are particularly affected by the effects of the climate crisis.

For this campaign, PICAN aims to mobilize and involve environmental, student, women and LGBTQIA+ organizations in a day of peaceful direct action. Activists are expecting this to be one of the biggest days of action ever in Vanuatu. Also, PICAN is currently working to get Vanuatu’s parliament to pass a motion officially declaring climate emergency. The text provided by the group emphasizes that it is precisely the more vulnerable and marginalized groups that can be the drivers of radical change!