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Free Fryslan of Fascism!


ACTION • No Fascists in City Council!


AFA Fryslan vecht tegen het oprukkende fascisme in Friesland. De demonstraties in Drachten trekken steeds grotere groepen, terwijl de fascisten in aantal afnemen.

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AFA Fryslan fights against encroaching fascism in Friesland. Its demonstrations in Drachten draw larger and larger groups, while the fascists dwindle in numbers.


AFA Fryslan is a small but dedicated group of anti-fascists who fight the presence of Forum for Democracy, PVV, and other far-right parties in Friesland. Specifically, they did so by pasting posters during campaign time, and by demonstrating against FvD rallies.

On March 7, Forum would speak at theater de Lawei in Drachten, which pretends to be committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment. Yet the theater provides a stage for our country’s most outspoken fascists, even after AFA repeatedly urged the theater’s director to cancel the event.

AFA therefore organized a demonstration in front of the theater to make it clear to the fascists that they are not welcome in Friesland. The result is reason for celebration. There were still hundreds who wanted to participate in the event, but the turnout was clearly more modest than during the last campaign period in 2019. Not even half the turnout of then came to the rally now. Unlike the anti-fascists. They protested with 10 times as many people as four years before, according to AFA. FvD ended up getting only 3.6 percent of the vote in the province, compared to 13.4 percent four years ago.

Het Actiefonds is proud to support AFA Fryslan. They are an important dissenting voice in our society that is becoming more and more right-wing. Say no to fascism!