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Indonesian youth against G-20


ACTION • Java Youth Mobilization: Anti G-20 Protest


WALHI Jakartha organises an anti-G-20 youth camp in the run-up to the international top held in November 2022

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In November 2022, the G-20 will hold a top in Bali, Indonesia. In the run-up to this meeting, the G-20 countries sent a youth delegation to participate in the Y-20 forum to facilitate input for the G-20 meeting later this fall. WALHI Jakarta organized their own youth camp in response to this capitalist get-together, focusing on environmental justice.



During the G-20 forum, sustainable finance and green economy issues will be discussed, in an attempt to address the climate crisis. Yet, the G-20 paradigm of capitalism and growth will never be compatible with environmental and social justice. Their policies will always have negative impacts on the everyday life of people in Indonesia and elsewhere, affected by “solutions” such as infrastructure development that eliminates livelihoods, the conversion of agricultural land or poverty caused by state debt. By organising the Y-20, the G-20 countries make it appear as if the international youth movements are with them and have been sufficiently consulted.

However, across Indonesia, youth groups demand a just climate transition and intergenerational justice that goes way beyond the proposed course of action. This is why WALHI Jakarta organised an Anti-G20 Youth Camp with 400 participants, and will mobilize youth groups to protest during the Y-20 and G-20, to make clear that this forum does not represent the voices of youth and is still co-opted by global agendas that marginalize people all over the world.

WALHI Jakarta (The Indonesian Forum for Environment in Jakarta) is an organisation that fights for the realization of a just and democratic social, economic and political order that can guarantee the rights of the people to sources of life and a healthy and sustainable environment. They organise several activities around preservation, critical education and skillsharing, community organizing, campaign and research, litigation, building civil society alliances and public support.

Het Actiefonds is proud to support WALHI Jakarta to organise against the G-20 and stands in solidarity with all climate justice fighters, in Indonesia and elsewhere!