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“Say Their Names” - to never forget the racist murders in Hanau


ACTION • Hanau is everywhere


A German collective is changing Berlin street names to never forget the victims of the racist terrorist attack in Hanau on February 19th 2020.

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On February 19th 2020, nine people were killed by  Tobias Rathjen in a racist terrorist attack in Hanau, Germany.  The investigation, still ongoing, has been marked by a series of failures on the side of the authorities. From the night of the crime and the months following the murders to the present day, much remains unclear and there has been a systematic lack of consequences. The Initiative 19. Februar, uniting relatives, survivors and supporters, demands appropriate remembrance, social justice, complete clarification of the case, as well as political consequences. Because the names of those murdered should not be forgotten. This is why an anonymous group is determined to make their names visible all over Germany by stickering them onto street signs. 




This group  want streets to be named after the victims of the Hanau attack, as demanded by the Intiative 19 February. Up until today, many streets in Berlin and other German cities are named after colonial criminals. It is exactly these streets they rename at night, making them public symbols of remembrance for the victims of Hanau and more generally, the many other victims of right-wing and racist violence. By doing so, they want to raise awareness around the failure of the security authorities to protect people of color, and confront the normalization of racism in German society. Their goal is justice for the victims, and an end to racism. By changing the public understanding of racism and holding authorities accountable, they hope to make it more difficult for racist extremists to commit their violent acts. 

By ‘saying there names’, this small group wants to make the demands of the February 19 Initivative visible in the Berlin cityscape, and Het Actiefonds is proud to help them combat racism and make sure the names of the victims will never be forgotten. 


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