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Feminist radio against borders!


ACTION • Feminist Transborder Radio Project


Collectif Sensé creates a podcast to tell the stories of women and genderqueer people crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

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Collectif Sensé is organising meetings and making a podcast by activist women and genderqueer people from the south and the north of the Mediterranean, gathering their struggles and strengths to challenge the mainstream narratives that feed into the border regime.





Capitalism, patriarchy and the border regime are leaving many people, in particular racialized women and genderqueer people, exposed to exploitation, violence and exclusion. Systematic racism and sexism silence their struggles, portraying them as victims and minimizing their political voices and actions. When it comes to migration and border crossing, women and genderqueer people experience specific difficulties that should be acknowledged and addressed.

This is why Collectif Sensé is uniting women from Mali, Mauritania and Senegal and women in France, most of them with a migration background. They are organising a weekend to share skills, discuss important issues and hold assemblies to organize future actions and events. They will also make a podcast and a radio program in different languages to address the realities of women within the current border regime. Topics that will be covered include the trafficking of women, feminist self-defence and transborder solidarity.

This project is a collaboration between Collectif Sensé, a group of women that met in a safe house in Marseille, and the AlarmPhone, a hotline for people crossing the Mediterranean Sea who are in distress. You can listen to their monthly radio program in French here.

Het Actiefonds is proud to support this project, because borders kill — every day.