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ACTION • Apoyemos la visibilización de las personas mayores LGBT


the Casa Caracol for LGBTQIA+ seniors carried out a day of sensitization in Tucumán, Argentina.

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On March 12, the Casa Caracol for LGBTQIA+ seniors carried out a day of sensitization in Tucumán, a small province in the interior of Argentina. LGBTQIA+ seniors, together with activists and human rights organizations handed out fresh water in disposable cups with drawings and messages made by LGBTQIA+ seniors. The messages informed passers-by about the difficulties to access food, medicines and the abrupt absence of the State, as a result of the socio-economic policies implemented by the new far-right government. Het Actiefonds contributed for the purchase of the necessary supplies.


In 2019 Argentina began an interesting process of protecting minority rights with the creation of the Ministry of Women Gender and Diversity, and the recognition of non-binary identities. however LGBTQIA+ seniors were not part of the new public policies. In 2023, a front of anti-rights political parties won the elections for president. One of their first acts was to abolish 10 of the 18 existing ministries, including the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity. 

The provinces soon followed suit, including Tucumán, ceasing all aid, assistance and support to LGBTQIA+ elderly people. President Milei has promised to restore the Argentinian economy, but it is mainly the elderly, the poor and minorities that must pay the price of his austerity measures. Before, LGBTQIA+ elderly could count on government support for food and medicine.

“In January I was able to buy my monthly prescription medicines with a lot of effort and the help of friends, but this month I have to choose what to buy. This situation makes me sick and I don’t know what to do.” says Noelia (79). The withdrawal of state support has put a lot of vulnerable people in a dire financial situation.  According to A. (83): “Going to an office and knowing that we no longer have a place to report when we suffer institutional violence is very painful. The state isn’t paying attention anymore. Officials used to treat you with respect.”

New policies act as if LGBTQIA+ people do not exist, let alone the elderly. That is why Casa Caracol chose to hand out water to passers-by. “We thought about making posters, putting up banners, but the reality is that being here and talking to passers-by is the best strategy, to make ourselves visible” shares Yohana, member of the Commission that organized the action.

Het Actiefonds is proud to support Casa Caracol!