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Fighting fascism in Bogotà!


ACTION • Antifascist Graphic Campaign


Antifascists in Bogotà spread propaganda material in the capital to combat Colombian fascism!

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Antifascists in Bogotà spread propaganda material in the capital to combat Colombian fascism!


Colombia has had a difficult political history, full of covert and shifting alliances. But if you look at the bigger history, a clear picture arises: landowners, liberal and conservative politicians, drug cartels, foreign multinationals and the United States all work together to keep Colombians in a stranglehold. The country is a fascist narco-state not afraid to shoot civilians and protesters in the street.

Those resisting this tangled web of the narco-state can count on police brutality, sexual violence, fascist death squads or untimely disappearances. Since the eighties, the state promoted and financed right-wing paramilitary groups to quench civilian unrest and political dissidents. Nevertheless, unrest remains abound: the last five years Colombia has seen mass protests every year. Though the country made global headlines last year by electing its first left-wing president Gustavo Petro, it is doubtful wether a socialist democratic can really produce the structural change that Colombia needs to oust fascism from its borders.

Antifa Bogotà

The dangerous and paramilitary fascism of Colombia is one of the reasons why the antifascist scène in Bogotà is mostly an underground movement, often switches names and banners to remain anonymous. GRABO (Grupo de Resistencia Antifascita Bogotà) is one of these groups. They don’t pretend to change the world or revolutionize Colombian society, but they resist the dominant catholic ideology that imposes patriarchy, heteronormativity, monogamy and authoritarianism on society.

With support of Het Actiefonds, GRABO launched a propaganda campaign in the capital. They spread informative posters around the city that combat fascist lies on a diverse range of topics. Het Actiefonds is proud of their work. No pasarán!