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An ecological anarchic community established in the Philippines


ACTION • Feral Crust Land Project


Anarchists set up an ecological community called The Feral Crust Land Project, based on mutual aid, permaculture and sustainable living in the Philippines.

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Anarchists set up an ecological community based on mutual aid, permaculture and sustainable living on the outskirts of Davao. With a handful of people and the financial support of Het Actiefonds, the Feral Crust Land project aims to provide an educational space for ecological land management and sustainability.

To become independent from the centralized market economy and the state, the Feral Crust Land Project aims to fight injustice and oppression brought by colonisation. The members of the project are inspired by the struggle of their ancestors against colonialism and the ‘free’ market.

The participants of the project believe that so-called progress and democracy relied on hierarchy, accumulation of wealth,  and the plundering of natural resources that will ultimately lead to the collapse of the living world.

This project hopes to inspire the formation of sustainable communities rooted in a specific landscape, from which a regenerative future and resilient culture might emerge and flourish.

Image by Bur Liz.