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Stop air pollution in Georgia!


ACTION • Clean air is my right!


The citizens’ movement Green Pole organizes protests and demonstrations
to call attention to air pollution in Georgia.

Air pollution - Georgia

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Air pollution poses a serious threat to the environment and public health in Georgia. Despite this, environmental protection and air pollution are still not a priority. The civic movement Green Pole organizes protests and demonstrations to draw attention to the issue.



In 2019, Georgia ranked second in Europe in the number of victims of air pollution per 100,000 residents. Deaths from respiratory diseases, directly associated with air pollution, increased 589% in 2020. Research shows that the health effects also affect many young children.


Thanks support of Het Actiefonds, a protest took place in front of the city hall of Tbilisi, Georgia’s second most polluted city. Prior to this protest, people took to the streets of Tbilisi to hand out leaflets stating the right of every Georgian to live in a healthy environment – defined in Article 29 of the Constitution – and inviting people to join the protest. During an additional night action, images of the polluted city were projected onto the parliament building. Through an online campaign, as many people as possible were involved in the issue, including local “influencers” and journalists.


The group also started legal proceedings against a polluting factory in the municipality of Jighaura. The factory is expected to be closed as a result of the resistance, a process that is being closely monitored by the activists. After all, clean air is everyone’s right!